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For many years we have witnessed an enormous growth possibilities to generate income on the Internet. Most of them are not able to keep promises, but some managed to stay afloat longer than expected. started in 2016 year, and our goal is to bring long-term potential in the market.
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FixGol provides the easiest way to invest Your money. There is no need to understand the complex world of trading.

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FixGol thought out to the smallest detail. We want to have a huge impact on the market and to raise the level of quality for online investments. FixGol represents a serious security, stability and premium quality. We are governed FixGol, company registered in the UK, and identified the location in the beautiful city of Norwich. Our site provides all the necessary resources and funds to maintain a high level of trade volumes to meet its liquidity needs and to supply securities.

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+117% in 24 hours
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mines 2.00 - max 3000.00
26% for 1 day
mines 50.00 - max 5000.00

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To turn the market into a stable system, where the criteria of clients ' selection of investment programs quality fall on those that offer a variety of features, as processing fees and legal representation.


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The project is open


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